The Process of Clearing Blocked Drains in Fareham Explained

A blocked drain can cause a significant disruption to your daily routines, and it’s an issue that many homeowners in Fareham encounter. The process of clearing blocked drains often requires a combination of specialized tools and know-how. In this article, we will explore the process of clearing blocked drains as well as potential tips to avoid them in the future.

When a blockage occurs, it can be a result of various debris or objects getting caught in your drain system. The first step in resolving the issue is determining the cause of the blockage. This is usually done with the help of CCTV drain surveys, which involve using a high-resolution camera to inspect the pipes. This camera is attached to a flexible cable, allowing it to travel through the pipe and provide a real-time image of the condition of the drain. It’s common practice for professionals to use this method in Fareham as it helps to pinpoint the exact nature and location of the blockage.

After the cause and location of the blockage have been determined, the next step is to clear it. One of the most common methods of drain unblocking is called high-pressure water jetting. This involves projecting water at high pressure into the pipes to blast out the blocking material, whether it is grease, silt, or other debris. Experts in Fareham usually have vans kitted out with all the necessary equipment, including a high-pressure water jet system.

If water jetting doesn’t solve the issue, then the professionals may resort to a method called power rodding. This is generally used when the blockage is stubborn and difficult to remove. A sturdy metal rod is inserted into the pipes, using its sharp blocked drains fareham cutting head to slice through the debris causing the blockage. Once the blockage has been severed into smaller pieces, it’s easier to flush it out of the drain system.

To ensure the success of the procedure, a final CCTV survey will usually be carried out. This will confirm that the blockage has been entirely removed and there are no further potential obstructions in the drain. This step is especially crucial as it gives both the experts and the homeowners peace of mind that the issue isn’t likely to recur in the near future.

Efficiently clearing blocked drains requires a professional touch. Homeowners in Fareham who find themselves facing a blocked drain will likely need to call upon the expertise of a professional plumber or drain clearing specialist. These specialists equip themselves with the necessary tools and have the knowledge to handle such complex tasks, ensuring that the job is completed in a timely and competent manner.

Preventative maintenance is often recommended to avoid blockage issues. Frequent drain cleaning and regular check-ups can save homeowners from having to deal with the inconvenient situation of a blocked drain. Moreover, it’s advised to avoid disposing of substances such as oils, fat, and non-degradable items down the sink which could cause a blockage.

In conclusion, the process of clearing blocked drains in Fareham has many aspects, from identifying the cause of the blockage to using the appropriate method to clear it, and finally, confirming the success of the procedure with a final drain survey. Thus, homeowners are encouraged to engage professionals for such tasks and also adhere to preventative measures.